شعر های من

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I Know It's Love

I know it's love,
because my heart yearns for you every second of each and every day.

I know it's love,
because just to sit with you over a coffee, in a simple cafe is like sampling the most magnificent and luxurious banquet.

I know it's love
because tears well in my eyes at the thought of a single day without you.

I know it's love,
because you are the first thing i think of in the morning, and the last thing at night, the one I want to turn to in both moments of happiness, and tears.

I know it's love,
because the thought of you the saying of your name opens my heart wide and lets its secret yearning loose.

I know it's love,
You know why? Because if this world was different, if we were not as we are, I would be with you forever, giving us both what would make us happy.

Yes, I know it's love,
and I'm so so lucky, I know its love and you will fill my! heart forever with who you are.

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