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Me & You

The night to prove we were meant to be.
You mean the world to me,and so much more,
I would give my life for you,the one I adore.
You're the one I think of, when I'm happy or sad,
You're the one i think of, and am very glad to have
Your touch is so gentle,your smile is so sweet,
Every time I'm with you,my heart skips a beat.
Together, Forever,
I know it's meant to be for you to only be with me
When we hold hands my heart fills with joy,
Just to hear you tell me,
I'll always be your boy.
When we hold each other close,the world seems to move fast,
And it seems like forever,though much time has past
When we hug each other,and i look into your eyes,
Your sweet adorable smile,catches me by surprise.
Your kisses are so sweet,when our lips begin to meet.
To hear you say, I Love You,means so much to me,
And I hope and pray that you,
will always be with me

Tonight's the night for me and you   

 By StephanieE Remigio  


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