شعر های من

شراب تلخ می خواهم کشم بر سر روم تا اوج به دریا دل زنم شاید کشد ما را به خود این موج

Worthy Love? 


My love is so near 

But he feels so far  

I fear this love is pointless 

But something strong 

Says it's not 

Is he really worth fighting for? 

Is he really worth praying for? 

I'm so confused 

I don't want make the worng decision 

I love him so much 

I don't know wath to do 

He wont accept me  

he loves me  

I can tell 

But he's too afraid to say 

It's so hard 

or the both of us, 

especially with every thing that gets in the way 

It's not as easy 

as I thought it would be  

what should I do? 

what sould I say? 

There's nothing else 

in me 

that will prove 

my love from him 


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